JamDeck: The Loop Recorder

Loop Recorder 101

The Loop Recorder is where the action starts, and is the most important feature of JamDeck. When toggled, the Loop Recorder captures MIDI and audio from the built-in instruments, or audio when recording from an external device. Anything you play is automatically dubbed over what was in the loop buffer previously, and you can copy the loop buffer to an Idea to layer up multiple loops.

Loop Recorder Overview


Record - Enables audio and MIDI capture from the built-in keyboard, your MIDI input device (selected in the preferences), and your soundcard (if chosen as an instrument.)

Copy - Copies the loop buffer's audio and MIDI to the current active Idea. It will be placed underneath any existing loops and continue playing. If there are no Ideas in the current jam, a new one will be created.

Clear - Immediately clears all audio and MIDI in the loop recorder's buffer.

Erase - Erases audio and MIDI at the current playback position while the button is being held down. Hold it down during playback to clear mistakes or to silence sections.

4/8/16/32 - Resizes the loop recorder buffer to this length in beats, allowing the capture of shorter or longer loops. Also clears the current contents of the loop recorder buffer.

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